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Beaudoin Realty Group is one of the leading realtors in Queens. Our real estate experience and use of technology enable us to quickly let the world know that your property is for sale.

We start with an onsite consultation to help identify all of the intrinsic value in your property. We then analyze comparable sales to identify a marketable price range and follow up with various marketing services to prep your property for sale. When we list your property, it’s almost immediately listed on the top dozen real estate websites in the area, so that buyers and other realtors have an opportunity to find and bid on your property. And because we have invested over a decade of service in the Queens market, we’re well known in the market and by many of our market peers.

Once in the sales cycle, we help you evaluate the relative advantages and risks associated with each offer, to make sure you get solid offers and that the deal goes smoothly through to completion.

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